Feb 20, 2012

Cartoon Floss.

Dentist Cartoon.
Going to the dentist usually means that either you're going to the dentist, or you have a job interview and your manager is such an ogre, that you would be locked in the stationary cupboard for even daring to look for a better job. How dare you leave this company you hate working for? If you manage to arrange a job interview AND a visit to the dentist at the same time, then you're just the sort of well organised person that a company should be fighting to keep hold of.

Hmm. There's a part of this cartoon that I'm not happy about (in red):

The rest of it I was really please with. Turned out how I imagined it, which is what I strive for with these things. Well, I'll know next time to work on it a bit more before publishing.

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