I recently changed ISP, and many of the older cartoons were hosted by the them, which have now been removed. Therefore many of the older posts have no images attached to them. Quite a concern on a cartoon blog. No cartoons!

More recent cartoons are still appearing, I think from 2009 onwards. The older posts/cartoons are now in the process of being removed by me, but as there is hundreds of them it's a bit of a slog deleting them all.

I intend to re-post some of the older cartoons over the next few months, so if you see a cartoon that you think you've seen before, you're probably correct!


  1. Well that's around 300 posts deleted so far.

    If there's any you desperately want to see back, just drop me an email and I'll see what I can do.

  2. No one has requested any favourite cartoons be reinstated! I guess that answers one question!


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