Jun 19, 2022



Jun 20, 2019

This years new cartoons. Seen by three people. Maybe more.

For the 3 visitors per week I seem to be getting, Just to let you know I am still drawing. Not blogging, obviously. Here's a few recent doodles/gag cartoons. I'm mostly posting on Facebook these days.
Click on Saddam to see more.

Jan 10, 2016

Err....something went wrong.

This is this week's cartoon for the CCGB contest. Thought as I have a little time I'd post something on my dead old blog. It still works. There's lots of spammy comments that need deleting (why do people even bother?).

Best find most of my shoddy cartoons on Facebook these days. The blog isn't quite dead, but it hasn't been out to buy milk, or talked to any of the neighbours for about 4 years.

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