Mar 7, 2008

A Simple Apology (site review)

I found this interesting cartoon blog with Stumble Upon (how else). It's drawn by Mark Gleim. I love the way it's been drawn and the way the humour somehow manages to be silly and true to life at the same time. It does have what some would consider bad language, but I don't think it's at all out of place in the realms of the topics dealt with, or detracts in anyway from the humour. The drawing is wonderfully loose and always clear. Visit the site:
and make up your own mind, or just visit it and have faith in my judgement that this is one of the best loosely drawn web comics drawn by someone called Mark, out there. Oh and unlike this shambles of a cartoon blog, this one is updated every Tuesday (mostly). I'm wondering why Tuesdays are such a good day to update, but in my experience it's on this day of the week that I get the most hits. I guess Monday's there's too much work to be done to slack off and surf the web?

1 comment:

  1. Hilarious,

    "Why don't we put a useless piece of #$%^ on the the end?"

    it was probably those guys in the eraser Mfg. that made the suggestion to the pencil Mfg. so they could sell more full sized erasers.


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