Jan 7, 2010

Back to normal.

Well that's all that shit over with until next time. Christmas was very hectic. The Handbag was wrong, for those of you interested, but it has been replaced with the correct one. I'm becoming quite an expert on Handbags. I know what a large Tote bag is for instance. That's if the snow doesn't hinder the delivery of the correct bag. Here's a cartoon that you've already seen in a different form, but this was the original version. I re-drew it for some reason, but I've got a feeling this works better than the other version, for some unexplained reason.

To avoid any stress for Christmas 2010, I'm going to start my shopping mid February. I'll have to buy mince pies with very long use by dates. The paper should be OK.

You can expect more frequent updates over the next few weeks, but you'll only be disappointed if you do.

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