Feb 9, 2010

Bugger. I didn't get any votes!

This was my entry into last weekends cartoon caption contest. To be honest I didn't think it was a brilliant cartoon, but it's the only one I had time to draw after a week of head scratching for ideas. Well surprise surprise, it didn't get a single vote! There was a lot of entries this week, including some really good ones from new members. Competition was fierce this week. Richard Skipworth won with his brilliant hamster wheel clamp idea. Oh well. There's always next week. If you draw cartoon and are interested in joining the forum, get yourself over to Cartoonist Club of Great Britain public forum. 


  1. At least you came up with something !!! I thought it would be an easy one but I couldn't think of anything...

  2. I really liked it Steven, I think it was just an especially tough week with such a high turnout and fab entries. I got 0 points too, but at least we got a crackerjack pencil ;o)

  3. Thanks John. I struggled all week to think of something. It was a beautifully simple caption. Wide open to interpretation. I had a last minute idea on the Friday, drew it and thought that I should work on it a bit more, but didn't have any time to do that, so I just posted it.

  4. Well at least we'll never need to buy more pencils Scotty. With all these crackerjack ones! :-)


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