Sep 27, 2010

Sardonic Salad.

Normally I'm not that keen on salad, but this interesting blog, Sardonic Salad, is an exception. It's packed full of gag cartoons. Some are groaners, a few I don't understand and some are really excellent. The point is, even if you don't like the current cartoon, it's updated regularly, so it's always worth another visit to find those gems. And there's lots of gems within this cartoon blog.
© Sardonic Salad

Chad Isely and Kit Lowrance put this all together.

Anthropomorphic themes a plenty. Onions, Lettuce, fridge contents and talking teapots will be found on this cartoon blog.

If this blog was waiting for a prize on bullseye it would get the speed boat AND the Mini Metro to tow it! ( probably a talking speedboat) 

Here's the massive link:

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