Feb 12, 2011

Happy Valentine's Cartoon.

The theme for this week's cartoon was set by Tim Cordell, who won last week's contest. Was it a theme or a caption? I can't remember, so I've gone with a caption (in a bubble - which I don't often do). It was of course "Happy Valentine's Day". It must have been a caption. Quite a tricky one I thought. Initially I thought of machine guns, violin cases, gangsters, but I'm almost 73% certain that someone else will come up with that, and can probably draw a better gangster anyway - so I went with this idea. Quite pleased with the "sketchy" appearance of this cartoon. All done with the Cintiq of course. Getting more confident using it all the time.

Contest is here if you'd like to enter yourself. You can only vote if you are a member with at least 10 posts, or you have entered a contest. 

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