Oct 4, 2012

A Disgusting Cartoon.

Thought I'd draw something a bit loose and sketchy. Strikes me as a little old fashioned. Sort of thing that would appear in a newspaper 30 years ago. The man is reading a newspaper at the kitchen table! That wouldn't happen now. He'd be checking his facebook on his iPad. And the wife would be checking out her neighbours using her own CCTV system. But I didn't want to draw that. 

I think the kitchen tap is contemporary at least. And maybe the kettle. It's electric and it's blue. They didn't have kettles like that 30 years ago. Not so sure about the telescope. Have they changed much in the last 30 years? Now fitted with lasers? Not so sure.

I also forgot to draw the milkman going past on his hover board, like you see today (if we still had milkmen we would!).

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