Apr 8, 2008

I need a decent tag line.

The re-design of the blog is just about complete, but I'm stuck on one small detail. I need a decent tag line below the "clangnuts.com" part of the header. For now I have the totally un-inspirational "Cartoons" which is very boring and dull. I'm hoping that one of my lovely readers will come up with some suggestions, in the comments below - but it often seems that people don't bother to comment these days. Here's a few of the also rans, which I've rejected:
  • Funny Cartoons. Bad Cartoons
  • Think.Draw.Scan.Publish.
  • Scroll down there's more cartoons!
  • Unloved and Unpublished.
  • Cartoons, not tag lines.
I've posted them, not to ask which is your favourite, but to hopefully inspire someone out there to come up with much better suggestions. All ideas greatfully received. Please comment, or I'll end up putting something awful up there! If you don't want to leave a comment, then please email me instead with your ideas. clangnuts@gmail.com


  1. I quite like the last one: Cartoons, not taglines. Sorry I've no ideas myself.

  2. - Better than pot pie
    - Only half as painful as it sounds
    - Stung 'N Alc
    - You can fry an egg on me
    - Funny cartoons, bad tattoos
    - Ready, set, draw
    - Drawing on the edge
    - Drawn with boogers

  3. Here are a few thoughts...

    They're funny, right?




    100% unicorn free cartoons!

  4. Thanks for the suggestions, Anita and Zoomar. Sorry about it taking so long to appear, my email was filtering out all comments from blogger. Problem sorted now (I hope).

  5. How about:

    More nuts than clang


    More clang than nuts


    Clangifying the net one page at a time


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