Sep 18, 2010

A new old cartoon.

This is this weeks entry in the caption contest. It's also the first drawing I've done with the Cintiq. Well, it's not THE first, but I won't show you the other 327 drawings before this one, as they aren't the best. Slowly getting used to working exclusively digitally. A few issue with my computer set up. Didn't realise I needed two VGA/DVI outputs from my graphics card, so I'm going to have to do something I don't normally do and get inside the computer to install a dual output GPU.

The contest was set by last week's winner, Mr Steve Bright. The theme was simply 'old'. After the anticipation of waiting for the Cintiq to arrive, I quickly realised that it's just a tool. A rather splendid tool, but I still need to come up with the ideas in just the same way as before. At one point I was tempted to sketch out a few ideas with a pencil and paper - but that would be a backward step.

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